The Complete Guide to Home Painters Sydney Services

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When it comes to residential painting, it is advised to get the help of the experts in order to get a complete idea on how the whole procedure will conclude  including choosing the colour palette, applying proper toolkit to paint both interiors and exteriors and obtaining desired finishing. 

If you are homeowner looking for a reliable home painters Sydney wide service, This curated guide will help walk you through the complete procedure and types of servicing offered under residential painting. 

Home Painters Sydney – A Complete Procedure.

The Procedure can be merely broken down in parts from beginning of site inspection to last stage of finishing touches. The whole process can be followed step wise however the estimation of time can vary as it is completely dependent on the size of the home and manpower allotted. The procedure can be simply understood as follows –

  • Scheduling the call – Most leading Painters Sydney brands offer free consultation and free quote. Take your time and research by yourself before finalising a right painting contractor. You can refer to our complete guide on choosing right contractors. You can inquire with them by contacting them or filling up the contact form which is available from their respective websites. The team reaches out and discusses your initial goals and gives you a rough estimation of the costing.
  • On Site Assessment – This is where the real procedure begins where the team of professionals will visit the site and do a thorough inspection. They will discuss with you your paint goals and get an idea on what you are trying to achieve with the job. Some recommendations will be made from  their side to guide you.
  • Selecting the palette – Experts have years of experience in the industry and they will help you select the right tints from the palette. Selecting the best colours can be challenging but expect a thorough decor advice from the professionals that will help you make a calculated decision.
  • Prepping – After the tints have been decided. Fixation of any types of gaps and cracks that needs to be sealed will be done. Uneven or rough surfaces will be smoothened and evened out. Exterior surfaces that are age old that have been exposed to sun, moisture, rains etc. may need some fixation as well. All the arrangements will be made and it will be treated beforehand to ensure a smooth process, then the process of prepping the wall for paint will proceed.
  • Painting – Your reliable painters Sydney will get their weapons, we mean their brushes out and put it to work. An expert doing their job can immediately give you an idea on how experience speaks for itself. Your exteriors and interiors will be gradually transformed in the span of days and your newly renewed home will have a glow up instantly!
  •  Finishing – With the right tools and reputable brand colours, your colour will then reach its finishing stage where the cleaning of the site, applying a second rich coat and letting the wall dry for a significant time. Your new and fresh look of your home is now ready!

Residential Painting Services.

Residential Painting Services caters to colourwork of home’s both interior and exterior painting services. A glance at the overview of such services are – 

Exterior Services – 

Painting services on outer elements such as – 

  • roofs 
  • balconies 
  • decks 
  • stairs 
  • walkways 
  • driveways, verandahs, and many more..

Interior Services – 

Painting services of inner elements such as – 

  • Living room 
  • Walls 
  • Ceilings 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Hallways, and many more..

Types of Wall Painting.

Basically, there are two types of paintings done on walls – 

  • Water Based Tints.

Water based tints are usually done on primary structures in home spaces. Under this, there are two types of tints as in latex and acrylic. They are more environment friendly as their solvents are mostly water and release less VOCs in the atmosphere. We have discussed some of its advantages and disadvantages further below – 

Advantages – 

  • No pretreatment required as it is water based.
  • Dries very quickly and does not fade in sunlight.
  • Compatible with all surfaces.

Disadvantages – 

  • The paint can be washed off from the surface easily.
  • It is not long lasting and requires repainting after some time. 
  • Oil Based Tints.

Oil based tints are generally made to last longer. They are based mostly on adding white spirit and turpentine instead of water. This allows the tint to appear glossy and restricts dust to settle easily. Oil painted walls are usually low maintenance and appear attractive. It has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, we have stated some of it below –

Advantages –

  • Perfect glossy finish for people looking for shiny walls.
  • Works well and uplifts the colours on the wall even with high moisture.
  • The Process of levelling it is easy.

Disadvantages – 

  • Though it gives off a neat appearance, the process is very messy.
  • It takes a lot of time for it to dry off.


Along with normal bold tints, residential homes have seen a stagnant rise in usage of texture paintings. Rustic, Marble, Bricks and Flows are some of the popular texture tints. We have discussed about some of it below – 

Brush strokes –  A simple method where textured flows is prepared with wide and long brushes for an striated, artistic and contemporary look on the wall. 

Ragged Rolling – Rag rolling is done by rolling a bunch of rags around and then rolling it on the wall surface to give off a textured, wrinkly effect. 

Suede Rustic Texture – It is basically done with sand effect, using marble dust and chips. The texture gives off a raindrop effect and is an easy way to add depth and dimension on the wall. 

Mosaic Shapes – Zigzags, Squared lines, curves and triangles, etc. are beautiful and give off a gorgeous look especially when paired with dark and bolder tints. 


In all,

For residential painting projects, reaching out to professionals ensures proper care and attention given to your house painting. The expert hands on work by house painters Sydney ensures your job is done to precision with complete finishing. 
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