4 Things to Look for When Hiring Right Painting Contractors.

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Every household needs a fresh coat of paint, whether it’s a newly constructed or recently renovated home or a charming abode that has stood the test of time. The right painting job can elevate its appearance, protect it from the elements, and allow you to continue making cherished memories within your home.

DIY Paintings take a long time and can be quite hectic. Which is why it’s preferable to hire a professional painter in Sydney who is skilled with his brush and colours to bring new life to these walls. This task can be challenging as you may find yourself bombarded with options and recommendations, finding one in budget and one that suits your budget might not have good ratings can be quite a hassle right?

We have curated five major things to consider when hiring the best painting contractors for the job that delivers exceptionally without leaving a hole in your pocket. 

Why Hire a Professional?

DIY Painting for the job is also common, after all, it is just brushing on walls with paint, right? To be honest, yes, it might be all there is to it, but then why hire a professional, especially when it comes to residential painters in Sydney. Let’s explore why.

Saving Time.

While Painting yourself, you might be saving some bucks but remember, you are paying with your time. Depending on the size of your house, it might take weeks to complete the job that is dedicating significant hours from your routine every single day. 

A Pro would do the job quicker, better and you will have all the time to go stroll more with your dog playing catch.

Quality Matters.

Brushing is an art. Most Definitely for our dedicated painters. Doing it yourself, you might experience trouble with colorwork on those hard to reach areas, making the paint look uniform and good. If you leave those corners they are exposed to Moulds, critters and damages in the future.

Let our Pros do their job and see those hands flow to make your home look and protect better.

Oh We are Fast!

ASL’s Professional team will have at least 3-4 people working on the project so you can expect the job to get done by flash workers in a few business days and you can have yourself sitting on a couch in a freshly painted home focusing on other important things. 

Ways to Get Recommendations.

Word of Mouth

An evergreen way to get recommendations is from good word of mouth. You might not trust what you saw in your local newspaper but if Karen from Neighborhood who usually badmouths recommends that painting company then they might have done an excellent job. 

Always remember to get as many referrals as you can, the more options the better chances of you finding the right painting contractor.

Search Engines

The easiest way to reach masses and see what they prefer the most. You can type – painting contractors near me and find a list of local businesses. Check their Google Reviews, Compare the opinions and Contact the ones that you like. 

Surf Websites

You can access their websites and see for all the information you are trying to look for. A great way to see how reliable and expert they are at their jobs. You can look out for service areas, testimonials and contact details for you to reach out.

Things to Expect from Painting Contractors.

After Hiring them, here are a few basic standards you can expect. –

  • Timely Beginning and Delivery of work. Professionals are on time, effectively do their job and deliver it as expected without causing any inconvenience. 
  • Remember, they are obliged to guide and walk through the whole process to you. Ask them for their recommendations, let them walk you through the painting process, take measurements and they will give you an estimate so you can get a clear idea for the job you are paying for.
  • They will give you various colour recommendations, how you can play and mix them. Show you their favorite brands and finishes for you to choose the perfect shade for your home.
  • Cleaning and touch ups are completely performed by professionals so that your room can look clean and less messy. Also Repainting the wall if there are certain spots remaining.

Questions to ask your Painting Contractors.

Ask as many questions as you can. You can get enough clarity and also possibly learn more about the painting job being done. Here’s a couple of these that you can ask.

  • How Experienced are you and your team?
  • Anything I need to do prior to preparation?
  • How long have you been painting houses?
  • Can you show me some colour combinations I can work with?
  • Can you give me an estimate of how long it will take for the project to be completed?
  • Do you have any warranty or guarantee?
  • Can I see your Professional License?

These are some questions that can help you get started.


In Conclusion.

Hiring a professional for colourwork can save you both time and money in the long run. Doing your research firmly and asking informed questions will help you figure out which company is right for the job.

Whether you need a commercial painters sydney team or residential painters sydney team, ASL Painting has the creatives, skills and resources to help you.

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