Residential Or Commercial Painting : What is the Key Difference.

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In general, painting is thought of as simply painting a wall, isn’t it? But Residential and Commercial Painting in Sydney are very different from each other, which is why choosing the right person for the job is important.

Commercial Painting Companies may provide both residential and commercial service while they both differentiate with each in numerous factors like tools, equipment and skills.

We will discuss this further so that you can make an informed decision to choose the right painter for the job.

What is Residential and Commercial Painting?

Residential Painting in simple terms means house painting. Usually, it may include colorwork of house’s both interior and exterior walls. It is a small scale project requiring less time and labour when in comparison to commercial projects. It also requires less tools and equipment and oftentimes, a single professional painter in Sydney is enough for the job.

Commercial Painting is large scale projects of colorwork for business spaces and complexes. They are contract based and require commercial painters who are experienced working primarily on hotels, churches, large homes, apartment complexes, retail stores and many more. It has a wide scope of work from small business works to industrial painting contracts.

The Difference.

The Key Differences between home painting and commercial painting is the scale, size, time required, number of workers, equipment and tools, inventory, expense, right type of paint and of course the customers.

It is important to understand these differences so that you can hire the right professional painter in Sydney for the job, based on these factors.

Project Size.

There is a vast difference in the scope of these projects. Residential Painting jobs usually include small households, apartments, condominiums, townhouses. The exterior as well as interior colorwork for a new job or renovation is mainly accomplished. 

Commercial Painting can range from contractual works of small retail shops to government buildings and airports. Even the painting work done is on large scale as it could be exteriors, interiors, parkings and such which needs large scale planning and an expert team to work on it.

Equipment and Materials.

The Key Difference is Scale and Size of usage of Equipment, Tools and Materials in these works. 

Commercial Painting for large complexes requires advanced equipment that can ease the process. Tools such as sandblasters to remove old painting, Pressure washers to clean the surface and scaffolding to reach high ceilings are used. Even the paint and conditions used in exteriors are different as it needs to withstand wear and tear from harsh conditions and climate.

Home Paintings on the other hand requires simple tools such as rollers and brushes to apply paint and ladders to reach high ceilings of the home.


There is a massive difference in services provided by both colorwork projects.

Some additional services provided by a commercial contractor includes –

  • Industrial painting and coating.
  • Stencilling.
  • Roof Coatings.
  • Epoxy Coatings.
  • Sandblasting.

And many more..

Residential Contractors offers less services as per the requirements mainly interior/exterior, garage, deck/fence painting and plaster/drywall repairs. Schedulings.

Tight Schedulings in Commercial Contracts is challenging as businesses tend to keep their doors open while simultaneously proceeding with the renovation projects as they cannot afford to keep it closed for longer periods of time.

The Best Commercial Painters are skilled enough to do the job and not interfere and create disruptions to the normal business flow.

Home Paintings are scheduled as per convenience of homeowners. Sometimes it is preferred on weekdays, or specific eight hours a day during a day. If they want to complete the job earlier than painters may work nights and weekends.

Attributes and Expertise.

Both Commercial and Home Painters have their own set of individual qualities suitable for the job.

Commercial Painters have safety and skill as their top concern. Such projects can never be DIY and it requires professionals to do the job with proper expertise and endurance at large scale. To Keep their team safe by following safety regulations and having enough knowledge about using equipment and paint materials properly.

Residential Painters have more inclinations towards creativity skills and good communication. To precisely bring the homeowners’ expectations into reality and guide them which colour combination will work best with their interiors/exteriors. 

The Right Painters Sydney Team for the Job.

Now that you have learned these key differences, You may have gotten the idea of how crucial it is to select the right painters to do the job.

Whether it is a small home renovation to business complex project, ASL Panting’s Expert Painters Sydney Team has the creatives, skills and resources to make your painting goals a reality. 
Our 20 years of expertise in this industry and 5* Customer Satisfaction Reviews speaks for itself. Contact Us Now and Schedule Your Project Today!