Strata Painting Sydney: What is It and How Experts Can Help You?

Strata painting Sydney | ASL Painting

Strata painting Sydney service is an important part to make your real estate project leave a lasting impression in the market. A building’s exterior solely delivers a first impression to your potential new buyers or visitors apart from its design & architecture. It can also increase your complex’s chances to sell out.

Why Exterior Painting is Important for Real Estate?

Commercial painters Sydney largely puts an emphasis on exterior painting only because – Curb appeal of masses is important for real estate success.

Project’s first impression till long term success, the whole timeline depends on numerous factors and adequate paint job is one of them. It ensures the colorwork remains gracefully even after ageing to improve the project’s long term viability.

The colorwork is mainly divided on two sides – Interior work where the complex departments, room, ceilings, etc is painted while external projects where the tint has to tackle fading, UV rays, temperature changes, stormy winds with waterproofing and anti rust abilities. 

In this article, we have dived deep in making you familiar with the concept in general and why do you need experts to handle the procedure completely. 

What is Strata Painting?

Strata painting is a special type of painting service that caters to distinctive  exterior painting for businesses, real estate developers, offices, government and private institutions, etc. They are mostly contracted to keep the upkeep of the buildings. Here are some of the common objectives they deliver – 

  • Complete interior painting works 
  • Complete exterior work including walls, roof, patio, etc.
  • Stain prevention and waterproof membranes
  • Application of high quality anti rust coatings 
  • Asbestos and lead removal paint 

Why Should You Hire Strata Painters?

Image and first impression matters for any business. It is important you bring a professional, well kept, and visually appealing structure that leaves a lasting image in your client’s mind. Here are some more reasons why you need to hire strata painters – 

Achieve a Fresh New Look

By hiring strata painters, you will achieve a fresh new look that can become an integral part of your building’s signature identity. You can add a unique colour scheme instead of the old facade and give it a fresh appearance that makes the building look brand new. The new look will definitely be more appreciated and you may get a surge of more renters and buyers of the commercial or residential space. 

More protection to the exteriors 

Strata painting is a part of your building’s regular maintenance plan. It is necessary to ensure the longevity of your building. A fresh coat of paint provides better resistance towards outside natural elements like ultraviolet (UV) rays, winds, pollutants and rain. It can withstand resistance from moisture and pests for years to come. Strata painters not only will look after exterior protection but also make sure interiors are well kept, metal surfaces are free from rusts, wooden surfaces are shielded from corrosion, pests and moisture, etc. 


Main reason businesses hire strata painters Sydney is to make sure the job done stays enact for years to come and withstand harsh conditions. It is a costly process but the results derived compensates for it completely. The process starts with deep cleaning where dirt and sedimentaries are removed beforehand. The coating is applied with a waterproof sealant after the tint is applied to make it resistant to UV rays and water leaks. 

Saves you Time and Money

A one time full service pay or regular maintenance pays for a lifetime? You choose. A proper strata paint job will outlast every regular commercial painting painting job by a large margin. The plans also include maintenance and aftercare services that take care of all minor to major issues and provide adequate treatment to it on time. This saves you tons of time that would have otherwise wasted inspecting the problem and then waiting for the service to get done according to the provider’s timing. 


Strata Painters from a professional painting services sydney is a step ahead of the normal colorwork for the business. That also includes quality work in each nook and corner along with complete repairing and fixations, deep cleaning, and much more.
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