Strata Painting Sydney: What is It and How Experts Can Help You?

Strata painting Sydney | ASL Painting

Strata painting in Sydney is an essential service to make your real estate project leave a lasting impression in the market. A building’s exterior significantly influences potential buyers or visitors, boosting the property’s chances of selling out.

Why Exterior Painting is Important for Real Estate?

Commercial painters Sydney emphasise exterior painting due to its impact on curb appeal. An adequate paint job ensures long-term viability by maintaining the colorwork against ageing. The timeline of a project’s success heavily depends on several factors, and a high-quality paint job is one of them.

The painting work is divided into two categories – Interior work, which includes painting rooms, ceilings, and other internal structures, and Exterior work, which requires paints that can withstand fading, UV rays, temperature changes, stormy winds, waterproofing, and anti-rust abilities.

What is Strata Painting?

Strata painting is a specialised service catering to the unique needs of businesses, real estate developers, offices, government, and private institutions. These services are primarily focused on maintaining the upkeep of buildings. Here are some common objectives they deliver:

  • Complete interior painting works 
  • Complete exterior work including walls, roof, patio, etc.
  • Stain prevention and waterproof membranes
  • Application of high quality anti rust coatings 
  • Asbestos and lead removal paint 

Benefits of Hiring Strata Painters

Image and First Impressions

A professional, well-kept, and visually appealing structure creates a lasting image in your client’s mind. Here are additional reasons to hire strata painters:

Achieve a Fresh New Look

Strata painters can give your building a unique colour scheme, making it look brand new and potentially increasing the number of renters and buyers.

More protection to the exteriors 

Regular maintenance, including a fresh coat of paint, provides better resistance to UV rays, pollutants, and rain. It also ensures that metal surfaces are free from rust, and wooden surfaces are shielded from corrosion, pests, and moisture.


The main reason businesses hire strata painters in Sydney is to ensure the job lasts for years and withstands harsh conditions. The process starts with deep cleaning, followed by applying a waterproof sealant to make the paint resistant to UV rays and water leaks.

Saves you Time and Money

Proper strata paint jobs outlast regular commercial painting by a large margin. Maintenance and aftercare services address all minor to major issues promptly, saving time and reducing the need for frequent repainting.

Industry Trends and Innovations

In 2024, the painting industry in Sydney is seeing a shift towards sustainable practices. Eco-friendly paints are gaining popularity due to their lower environmental impact and health benefits. Innovations such as advanced coatings that offer enhanced durability and technology integration for efficient project management are also on the rise.


Hiring professional painters from Sydney for painting service ensures top-notch quality and longevity for your building. They provide comprehensive services, including deep cleaning, repairs, and high-quality painting, ensuring your building looks its best and lasts longer.

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