A Complete Guide to House Roof Painting

House roof painting | ASL painting

The roofing structure of your house is one of the essential elements of your house. It is important you keep its maintenance on top of the list so that it keeps protecting your home for years to come.

House roof painting is ideally recommended despite what type (terracotta, metal tiles, concrete tiles) of roof you have. The coating can help expand the overall lifespan and it increases property’s value and durability to harsh weather. 

The resistance level gradually degrades overtime and hence, you need to take care of it beforehand. Whether you are looking to enhance its durability or need to get repairs done, here’s a complete guide to paint roofs from our expert house painters Sydney.

Why Do You Need House Roof Painting?

House roof paint is of high quality and produces great results when applied the right way. They are specifically created to withstand ultraviolet rays (UV rays), heavy rainfall, windy storms and pollution. 

Here are some common reasons you should paint the roof – 

  • To apply heat reflective coating to withstand the sun easily
  • To prevent premature ageing once the paint starts to fade
  • To remove dirt, sedimentaries and buildup
  • To survive harsh climatic condition without losing colour

Steps to Follow Before Painting the Roof 

  • Before applying the tint, clean the surface to get rid of dirt and trash. A simple broom can do the job, you can also use a water hose to clean the surface altogether. Let it dry for sometime after the cleaning is done. 
  • Observe the condition thoroughly. Take note of any damages, fixings, repairs on shingles, leaks etc. and get it treated first and foremost before beginning the paint process. 
  • Use a primer coat with anti corrosion properties before the paint job to improve the adhesion and longevity. 
  • Painting instructions and drying times will be mentioned in the cans, follow the steps carefully as labelled. 
  • Cover the other parts of the home close to the roof like windows and gutters with plastic sheetings that can be easily taken off after the process is done. 

Types of Coating You can use on Roof

The best quality of coatings will effortlessly protect your surface from natural elements. Their qualities may differentiate accordingly. Some provide great thermal efficiency while others may resist mould or dust accumulation better. 

Some of them are mentioned below with their individual sets of qualities you can choose from – 

  • Acrylic coatings have an excellent UV resistance for all types of roof surfaces. 
  • Polyurethane is the best among all when it comes to holding the colour for the longest of time and reducing fading.
  • Silicon coating can resist oxidation easily and can sustain water damage while giving a highly reflective appearance. 

What Mistakes to avoid while Coating the Roof?

  • While cleaning, make sure you only use normal garden hose and not power hose as the high pressure can easily deplete the shingles and even break them causing costly repairings. 
  • Mould or mildew problems should be treated beforehand as there are chances it can grow in the new shed of paint yet again.
  • Paint brushes can work however, we recommend using a proper paint roller that can specifically reach curves of the roof evenly and can cover more surface area as well. 
  • Consider the temperature when you are roof painting as it will take adequate time for it to get dry. Better to avoid doing it during monsoon season.

How much does Roof Painting will cost?

It is better advised that house roof painting should be done by professional painters Sydney that has adequate experience as you have to make sure to use specific equipment, right technique and safety gear. 

Material costs vary from brands and quality it offers. When you reach out to a professional, they will brief you about the cost breakdown in detail. Some of the factors are – 

  • Painting scope depending on the job being a rework or new
  • Additional repairings and fixings required
  • Qualifications and reputations for trade
  • Material and labour costs
  • Location of house and accessibility 

Painting for Roofs with Solar System 

If your home has a solar system installed, then the paint job has to be intricately performed and it is better to leave it for the professional to make sure the system is left untouched while the procedure is carefully performed. 

They will cover the system with drape sheets entirely so that the exposure is completely minimised and reduce the chances of overspray on the panels. 


If you are short of time and looking for professional painters near me to get the roof painting done, our experts offer residential painting services across Sydney and NSW areas. 
Whether you have your roof with a solar system installed or need a respraying service, we can handle it all! Contact us today to request your free quote today and let’s get started!