Kitchen Colour Choices for New Homes: Our Top 5 Picks

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Planning a new colour scheme for the kitchen seems exciting but it can often put you in a dilemma. With so many colour combinations in the market, it often gets hard to settle on one perfect option. A kitchen has great usability and it doesn’t require frequent repaints. Neither it caters to one specific wall as it is filled with cabinets, countertops, flooring, chimney, appliances, tiles, all coming together to make it whole. Hence, choosing the right colour combination is important.

In this article, our expert house painters have curated our top 5 trendy colour scheme picks that can elevate your kitchen aesthetics and give you a fresh new look to your home.

Black and White

Fashion and interior designing has always seen a surge in black and white usage in different areas of home. The subtle, dark and minimal monotone of these colours makes it a great finishing option that gives off a luxurious and royale touch to the finish.

To make a combination, look at the two extreme lengths of the spectrum. Choose the crispest, smoothest white shade and pair it with the purest, subtlest shade of black. The two different opposites will complement each other so well it will give off a smart, sophisticated vibe to your kitchen cabinets.

The tone of black may get heavy but consider using a glossy finish so that it can reflect the sunlight more and does not give an impression of being heavy.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones of brown, muted greens and beige evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. Kitchen is the place where it needs to be less chaotic and such tones can help make your cooking experience a lot more calming and relaxing. We advise using these colour palette for wooden cabinets, stone countertops, and ceramic tiles to enhance the look.

This tint not only enhances serenity in environment but also provides a versatile backdrop for various design styles, from rustic to contemporary.

Olive Greens and Gold

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your kitchen area, olive green can pave the path for you elegantly. The suave nature and beautiful texture gives off a soothing, earthy feel.

Compliment it with the royal texture of gold or champagne and it can elevate its aesthetics profusely. Play with their combinations in different areas such as cabinets getting the olive green shade while the handles getting a gold look and the appeal of them will vastly multiply. It is also recommended by the majority of painters in Sydney for homeowners looking to elevate the overall vibe of their kitchen.

Blues and Greys

Blues and Greys contrast each other well and they can beautifully work together if their contrast is right. Ensure that one colour tone is darker than the other. Add some white accents in the overall look to balance the colours out. It is a soothing and cool colour scheme that can suit both contemporary and traditional style homes.

Perfect for homeowners looking to add Greek and Mediterranean vibes to their home. You can also keep reverse contrasting in the benchtops where lighter tones of grey will blend with darker tones of sea blue.

If you have marble countertops, then this colour scheme is our recommended option as the grey marble tone will blend with the blue tint of the wall.

White and Timber

Natural wooden timber itself is beautiful to look at. It brings nature’s aspect inside the kitchen and elevates your cooking experience. Regardless of what you use, real timber wood or timber laminate, the aesthetics will remain top notch.

For contrasting effect, pearly white will go naturally with timber effect. It gives a subtly white backdrop and allows the brown texture to shine. White doesn’t distract attention. It will soothe and allow the timber to shine. Don’t go for more reddish ones, instead choose light brown timber woods that can reflect the sun rays better.

For white tones, we suggest pearl shine or creamy white which can create a soothing backdrop.

Choosing the right colour combination is to experiment and see what catches your eye and preference better. Make sure that it blends with the overall aesthetic of your home and not just kitchen walls. A great kitchen should feel included in the space and not coexist as an extension to the living room. Research, experiment, find your top 3 preferences and make an informed decision to land on the final tones.

Make sure you reach out to a trusted house painting in Sydney expert who can thoroughly guide you on selecting the best colour scheme for your new kitchen so your everyday cooking experience is scrumptious and delicious, just as your food! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.