Psychology of Colour in Commercial Spaces and Why You Should Use It

Psychology of Colour in Commercial Spaces and Why You Should Use It

Your commercial space is not just your workspace, it is an extension of your company’s brand identity and a huge marketing asset if used correctly. Colour psychology is one such factor which needs to be studied in business marketing more. It has a strong effect on making your customers or clients feel about your brand’s products or services in a certain way. You can use this as a tool.

As a business owner, understanding colour psychology can do wonders for commercial success. In this article, our expert commercial painters in Sydney have dived deep to make you understand this concept in detail and help you enhance the workspace.

What is Colour Psychology?

It is a study based on the effect of colours on behaviour and perceptions in human nature. In the marketing field of study, it is used to understand customer’s perception of a brand and how they respond to a brand’s colour and whether it influences them to make a purchase or not. 

Different types of colours have different effects on consumers and invoke various emotions. We have mentioned some of them below –

→ Red – Excitement, Bold 

→ Yellow – Optimism, Clarity

→ Orange – Friendly, Inviting 

→ Blue – Trust, Dependable 

→ Green – Peaceful, Growth 

→ Purple – Imaginative, Wise 

Benefits of Using Psychology of Colour in Business

Strong First Impression

Different tones invoke different feelings and responses. They are powerful enough to either attract or repel the visitors and hence, it should be used strategically. Warm colours induce excitement and curiosity in customers and hence, if you are a restaurant or a retail shop owner, you can make great use of it.

Green and blue are one of the go to colour schemes for office spaces and medical clinics as it invokes trust and growth. A well chosen colour combination by commercial painters in Sydney can literally turn out to be a great marketing investment for your business.

Creates Brand Identity

Brand identity is a core concept that engulfs other major elements such as brand awareness, brand clarity, brand recalling, etc. Colours can play a vital role in enforcing it and building it more stronger to the audience and let them know what the brand stands for much louder.

The key part is bridging the gap and letting the audience associate with the business more. Hence, establishing and constantly levelling up the brand identity is much more important.

Boosts Employee’s Productivity

Our interior painters in Sydney suggest that walls play a large part in influencing the mood in your home. Cool breezy colours can invoke a sense of lightness and comfort which can give you a peace of mind. Similarly, Fresh colours on walls, comfortable sitting and dedicated workspace are motivating factors to boost your employees’ morale and inspiration. Dull and uninspiring offices can affect employee’s creativity and decrease their motivation. Vibrant and more living colours can freshly advocate for a positive environment. 

Calming and less distracting colours such as green and blue are great for offices where concentration is essential. A professional commercial painter in Sydney can help in deciding proper colours that suit your company more.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customers will perceive your brand the way you will present yourself. It vastly influences their perception towards your products and services as well. Specific colours can invoke trust, reliability and value. For example, if you run a clothing shop then your walls need to be less distracting and hence monotone colours like grey, black or white can work well with clothes capturing maximum attention.

Researching the psychology of colours can give you a solid idea on what tones your brand should represent in the market to garner more attention. Work with an experienced commercial company Sydney wide to get a clear idea on the concept and its benefits.

In Conclusion,

Apart from your traditional marketing, investing in learning colour schemes and using it to your advantage will give you an upper hand on dominating your target audience. 

Residential painters in Sydney can also make use of the colour palette to invoke emotions and feelings. Beige and earthy undertones induce a cosy and warm feeling which is idle for living rooms while subtle combinations of cool colours such as green or blue can be silent and royale, much more suitable for bedrooms.
Work with reliable commercial painters in your area such as ASL Painting, and you can rest easy knowing these vibrant colours will play a major role in enhancing the brand’s impact on customers and employees. Contact us today for your Free interior consultation and let us walk through the options to enhance your workspace.