A Guide to Select the Right Paint Finish for Every Room

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Each room of your house represents a new vibe and individual characteristic. You spend most of your family time in the living area, have your early morning breakfast at the dinner area or the kitchen. While spending most of your time in the bedroom or office. This calls for new paint finish done by house painters that can better suit the vibe of every room.

To better choose the right paint finish for the walls, you need to first make sure you choose the appropriate colour scheme suitable for the space. For instance, it is essential to know right finishes suitable for work areas with formal appearance or bright finishes with patterns induced for the overall joyous vibe of the bedroom, etc.

Experiment with textures and finish types to add more character to the room or select different tones to add more vibrancy. From the prepping stage to the last finish, you can consult your reliable painters sydney experts for guidance. In this article, we have curated some expert tips from ASL’s paint professionals to help you select the perfect finish for different interiors of the room.

Living Room

Living room sets the vibe of your entire household. The entryway of your home generally leads to this main room and hence the walls will be the first thing your guests will notice.

It is also one of the areas where your guest will spend most of the time hence, it should not be more distracting rather maintain a smooth and formal appearance that is minimalistically attractive and lightens up the atmosphere. This will also help you in maintaining them from staining and getting dirty.

One of the most ideal looks you can maintain is a simple satin finish which looks beautiful while also being low maintenance. It looks clean and blends with other pastel colours for your choice of colour combination on the walls.


Bedroom is a place to sleep, chill and relax. This space should give off a cosy and calming ambience while also allowing you to experiment more with colours to better personalise the room. This is where you can experiment and play with patterns, your ideal interior painters Sydney service can help you surf the best options!

A matte and flat finish will better highlight the tints more and give off a velvety, non reflective look to hide out the imperfections on the wall. This will also help in making the space seem more bright and absorb the light more. Note, that the wall is commonly filled with frames, artpiece, tables and wardrobe and hence, the colour should blend with it more.  


Kitchen is a highly active place and is more prone to getting dirty due to food splashes and spills. The best way to ensure minimal maintenance of the kitchen area is to opt for highly durable and easy to clean finishes like satin or semi gloss touch. The stains and dirt can be wiped easily and it retains the same glossy texture for the longest of time. 

Kitchen areas generally don’t have much space to work with as it is mostly occupied with cabinets and appliances hence, make sure to keep the colorwork simple and modern.

Dining Room

Dining room is also a great area where you can enjoy your hot delicious food with the whole family. This makes it essential that your dining area does not seem too distracting and should give off more space and hence matte finish is one of the best options you can go for.

It decreases glare and the room gives off a more cosy ambience. Most people have an entertainment system installed hence the matte finish sets the vibe with less distractions.


Bathroom walls are more exposed to constant moisture and humidity which makes frequent cleaning a must need. Hence, glossy or matte finishes make it ideal for this space. They are easy to wipe and balance out highly reflective surfaces on the wall. 

You can also go for flat finish touches to make the colour tints stand out more and make the wall look appear cooler and give a serene vibe. It creates a perfect atmosphere to relax and start your morning being energised! 


By choosing the right paint finishes, you can elevate the vibe of the room and make the wall more durable to withstand daily wear and tear to assure longevity. With the right painters Sydney job, you can assure the work is carried out harmoniously and can enhance the beauty and function of the space easily.
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