Colour Trends in Commercial Painting: What’s Hot in 2024

Commercial Painting

Every year, colour trends in commercial painting change turning old trends to bow down and newer ones to blossom. Colour is a language that creates an excellent expression of your thoughts giving a catchy appearance to your commercial painting.

Your chosen colour scheme is the first impression your visitors get of your commercial building. Even ordinary colours can flourish your property well if chosen rightly.

Commercial painting experts remark that the colour scheme to paint any building should be based on a personalised touch. You can seek assistance from commercial painters to choose a colour scheme suitable for your commercial property but the final election should be yours.

This article integrates informational insights to help you understand the colour trends in commercial painting in 2024.

What is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting refers to applying colours to commercial buildings like offices, schools, business firms, apartments, etc. Commercial painting companies provide services to people helping them paint their commercial buildings professionally following the latest colour trends.

Where to Find Commercial Painters?

There are several commercial painting companies and DIY commercial painters that you can hire for your commercial painting project. You can also search for commercial painters online as “best commercial painters near me” to go through a hassle-free search.

Top 6 Color Trends in Commercial Painting in 2024

Although, the colour for your commercial painting project should be based on your choice; however, one might be hunting to follow the colour trends of the present year. Below are the top 6 colour trends in commercial painting in 2024 that you can choose to make your commercial painting up-to-date.

1. Elegant Dark

Elegant Dark

The elegant dark colours play an intriguing role in balancing the lighter shades. Rich and deep colours like dark brown, chocolate brown and black counterbalance the shades of bright colours. Dark colours will be followed as the top trending colours in 2024 due to their elegance.

However, which colour suits best to your commercial site always depends on its location. If you have the least understanding of colours, you can get assistance from an expert. For instance, you can search for the best commercial painters Sydney if you are living in Australia.

2. Earthy Greens

Earthy Greens

Green is a natural colour that is known for its soothing quality. You will not miss seeing this colour in trend this year. People add greens to their commercial buildings to make them more comforting places to work. The shades to be used as Earthy greens vary from dark to muted.

Depending on your branding colours, you must find out which shade of green suits best your place. For this, you can test selected shades before applying or find out the house painters for you. To search online you can type best home painters near me to seek quality assistance.

3. Spacious Caramel

Spacious Caramel

We all have seen grey and sandy colours in trend in the past years. Now, something fascinating should happen in 2024 following a decent and spacious colour tone. Caramel with its calm texture plays an incredible role in giving the commercial site a tranquil gesture.

Spacious caramel, due to its anticipation and pleasant feel, is going to occupy the trendy place in the current year. This light colour not only comes up with an excellent tone but also makes your commercial place look bigger in space than normal due to lighter colouring.

4. Cool and Soothing Blues

Cool and Soothing Blues

Blue is one of the most popular colours in commercial painting that will never fade, it’s trending in current and upcoming years. Like greens, blues are also counted as natural colours. They have their own elegance and make an amazing pair with other dark and bright tones.

In 2024, lighter shades of blue like icy blue, water blue, and certain other undertones are expected to be more trendy than the darker ones. This breezy colour keeps your eyes soothing and your mind relaxed. Due to its calm tone, it is more suitable for commercial painting.

5. Alluring Pinks

Alluring Pinks

The days are gone when pink was considered a girly colour. In 2024, pink colour with its alluring hue is going to be in trend for commercial painting. You would experience a nostalgic feel in the pinkish commercial painting tone. Pinks are alluring with multiple shades and tones.

Not every palace is designed to pursue the pinkish tones. However, there is always room for accommodations. For instance, in Australia, due to sunny and bright days, pink commercial painting will go to the next level. You can also commercial painters Sydney to help you out with this.

6. Neutral Colours

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours like grey, cream, and white make an incredible pair with the counter colours. They often balance the bright or dark tones of the other colours making them soothing for the eyes. Such colours are often used in commercial paintings to make them more elegant.

You would go through warm and cold neutral colours that are used in commercial painting to counterbalance the opposite tones. Neutral colours and going to carry their trend to 2024. So, neutral colours would possibly be an integral part of your commercial painting colours.


Commercial painting can go to the next level when it is pursued with the right colour scheme. According to professional recommendations, colours for commercial painting should follow a personal touch. However, you can also get assistance from expert commercial painters to understand trendy colours.

This article talks about the top six trendy colours of 2024 that you can choose for your commercial painting project following the trend. Also, you can search online for “commercial painters near me” looking for their quality of experience to hire them as your commercial painters to get your work done professionally.